Issue 4

Welcome to the Vampires Realm After Dark Issue 4.


Seventh Circle has just been released and there's another novel coming soon... » read more news

New Release

Seventh Circle is available now. A story of forbidden love, it's guaranteed to capture your heart... » read about it


This issue's excerpt is from Seventh Circle. » read it here

Author Thoughts

This issue, my authors thoughts are about the book Reunion and the three characters Marise, Jascha and Tynan. » read them here

Character Interviews

New to After Dark is a character interviews section. This issue, I catch up with Prophecy Caelestis. » read it here


This issue you could win yourself a copy of the Prophecy Trilogy! » read it here

Visit the Vampires Realm Blog

If you want an exclusive look at the series, visit the Vampires Realm blog. I've been keeping this blog since I began writing the stories, well before I mentioned them to the world, so you'll get a unique perspective of the journey I took when writing the Prophecy story and the way the series grew. There's also information on the next Vampires Realm stories. Or visit the Vampires Realm MySpace.

Coming Next Issue...

Next issue After Dark will bring you more excerpts, another character interview, a competition and my author thoughts, as well as any new reviews!

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